Out of Jam


Sometimes, you just need a hand up in life. 

And that’s what Paula Kaufman is hoping to do with Out of a Jam for the women of Fort Wayne that are coming out of different situations, like abuse, tragedies or addiction. 

Out of a Jam is a nonprofit program to help women learn basic culinary skills and receive their food handlers certification. 

The program is currently being planned to be an 8 week program, three days a week, 3-4 hours a day starting in September with 12 students per class. Three weeks will focus on workforce development to allow them to have better skills in the workplace.

Kaufman plans for Out of a Jam to start learning how to make different kinds of jams. Then the program will start learning how to make baked goods that can go with jam, like crackers, flatbread, scones and biscuits. 

As program grows in the future, Kaufman hopes to add other skill sets like commercial cleaning or business skills, depending on the volunteers.

She also hopes to eventually do a class for men and teens. 

The founder said they’re still in the fundraising stage of their program. One way they’re working on fundraising is by being at the YLNI Farmers Market every Saturday at Barr and Wayne streets. 

The jars of jams are sold for $9 and there are other baked goods. Customers are allowed to sample the jams before buying. Kaufman tells her story at these times, as well as giving a handout to be contacted if they want to volunteer.  

“We spread the word one spoonful at a time,” said Kaufman.

Each week, they try to have 10 and 12 varieties every week. 

Go to outofajamfortwayne.com to learn more.